Monday, June 12, 2017

Definition of Artist

June 12, 2017  Definition of Artist.

As I continue to ponder what is it I wish to do with this amazing life, I think of Meryl Streep who once told a reporter she would retire when she no longer has anything to say. She wishes to continue her participation in the world’s conversation. Nobody would doubt Meryl Streep is a great artist. When you Google “great artists” among the greats you will find a picture of Steve Jobs. I define an artists as someone who communicates the collected Truth. When you  witness the work of an artist  you experience their truth on all levels of your being, mind, body, spirit, Soul. Is an artist somebody who is expressing  their own unique truth in a conversation with the world? Is an artist somebody who causes a change in your brain that makes you wan to see more, learn more, be more?

We need artists of many kinds today. This is an interesting time in World History. Is it another time of darkness? We think we are so smart and so advanced; and yet we are so asleep, so cruel, and so destructive. Manipulation of truth is all around us and our collected Soul knows it. It knows the lies of the factory farmer who believes animals do not feel pain as we do; “they are just animals.” What does inflicting extreme suffering to another sentient being do to the Soul? Pharmaceutical executives twist research results to sell products they say will relieve suffering; products that harm the mind, body and spirit. Do their products block the Soul from truly relieving suffering? Politicians lie and manipulate the thinking and beliefs of their constituents. Their voters believe the lies and then vote in darkness causing their own loss of wellbeing. I wonder if liars become so good at lying, Truth is no longer available to them. We seek more and more, drowning in materialism, driven by the need to impress others, never experiencing what we really need; love that comes from connection and belonging. In contrast, “backward” indigenous people live simple lives using what Mother Nature provides, knowing how to connect to other living beings rather than things. They love and belong to Soul as they  preserve the earth with the practice of seven generations. They bless and respect the animals; they know bliss as they dance with nature. The bliss and joy today we seek to find from a pill, having more things, or fame.

We are so smart and yet we only believe the lies of society and what we can see; denying the existence of a world seen by mystics; a world of connection and Oneness in love with all living things. Artists often speak their truth in symbols to stay safe in the dark; a darkness that only values rational thinking, a darkness that disconnects senses and emotions. Is it not the senses and feelings that connect us to the Soul?  Can we define suffering as the experience of being disconnected from collected Truth, Love, and Soul?

We are so advanced and yet we suffer and we do not know why we suffer. So we look for the answers in the rational, outside of Self.  We eat the poison created by lies and manipulation. We chase our tails until we get sick and die. What happens to the poisoned soul as it transitions in death? I know not all people have peaceful deaths of a bright light. I have been with people who die in fear, anger and torment; there is no peace.  

I too have suffered chasing my tail trying to find love, belonging, acceptance and fame. In silence I stop chasing my tail and have glimpses of what the mystics know and experience. In silence I find my truth. What do I wish to discuss with the world? How can I be an artist sharing my message of truth? I believe we are all artist with a truth to share; a truth that is part of the collected Truth. How can we see it, feel it, hear it, touch it, taste it and share the message of Truth? There are many ways to communicate our truth to the world. We can share as a great actor like Meryl Streep, or a journalist, musician, teacher, chef, painter, poet, orator, writer, dancer, or faithful activist warrior standing up for all sentient beings and Earth herself.

What is my unique way of conversing in the world’s conversation? What do I wish to say?  Do you wish to be a part of the world conversation? What do you wish to say? Another definition of an artist may be work that is beyond passing time or work for money and fame. Art is work with no other purpose than expressing our truth for doing good. Work to decrease suffering. What is different about you so you can uniquely use the artist force to say something you care about? A life of wonder, beauty, and making a difference can change your whole reality of life and death bringing more light for this time we are living.

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