Monday, July 3, 2017

Our True God Nature

Our True God Nature

Some ideas from Joseph Benner’s book The Impersonal Life

When we know our true nature we will be free. We will understand that there is no need to struggle, defend, or guard against things.  We will know nothing has gone wrong. We will learn that nothing needs to be fixed on the planet. That everything is just as it should be. Even our governments are exactly where they need to be as they reflect diverse beliefs and desires of the people. Nobody needs to be fixed; each of our paths will lead to our true nature. All the judgment and critical thinking of the ego is what keeps us from expressing the God within.

Joseph Benner tells us we will learn to accept all experiences as a lesson to teach us something about ourselves. When we are offended or hurt by others behavior or we judge others in a negative way, we are learning lessons of what needs to heal within ourselves. As we know our true nature we will be able to look at others differently, thanking them for being the reflection necessary to recognize our own short comings. People who we now judge we will thank for coming into our lives to teach us what we otherwise may not have been aware of without their assistance.

“But the reason you are enabled to see these faults and shortcomings, is not that you may criticize or judge your brother, but that I may arouse in you a definite resolve to overcome such faults and shortcomings in your own personality. For, mark you!--You would take no note of them in others were they not still in yourself; for I, within, then would not need to call them to your attention. “Joseph Benner

When we begin to realize that all people even the ones we now judge as rude, ignorant, obnoxious, greedy and cruel are here because we have attracted them into our lives for a reason for they are all important players in our journey to know our true nature.

“My Perfection is gradually unfolding from within you. As you more and more realize this, will the true meaning and use of the things, conditions and experiences I send be revealed unto you. For you will then begin to glimpse My Idea Within, and when you glimpse that Idea will you begin to know Me-your own Real Self.”—Benner

As we are able to view all of life’s experiences without labeling them good or bad we will be able to see that all is the natural order. Being present in that observation by loving, allowing and accepting the world as it is will lead to the joy of knowing our true self. I have always struggled with judgment and a critical attitude toward others. As I begin to understand that all this judgment is coming from my ego and the culture that teaches competition, comparison, and individualism, it is easier for me to begin letting go of judgment and replacing it with right statements. The one I am using is, “I am perfect whole and complete and so are you.”

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