Saturday, October 6, 2018

My passion is no longer working with elder implicit bias. Maybe we elders deserve everything believed about old white men and women. I watched them in action this week at the Senate Judiciary hearings. I believe this week will be looked upon in history as a pivotal point and the beginning of a social and cultural revolution. Time is up for powerful elite entitled white men supported by powerless white females. Women of color, Millennials, Generation Z and younger will lead the way to a fair and just America. They are untethered from organized religion, racial bias, and excessive concern of the acquisition of wealth and material possessions. They are more concerned about fairness and compassion for all living creatures and the environment. They do not admire power, instead, they value spiritual and intellectual strength. I see them co-parenting in ways old white men would never stoop to do “women’s work.” Older white men are so proud of their aggressive, independent ways, winning with no concern about rules or people who may get in their way.

I am also not interested in working with women who are still giving away their power to old white men. It steals my passion just thinking about it.Many older white women have no self-awareness, they just aim to please. Older white women gave their power away a long time ago; Susan Collins will forever be an example of that phenomena.

Women no longer have to be Miss Congeniality. I believe these times are moving so quickly younger women need support as we live through this transition. I believe there are amazing processes I have used as a psychotherapist for 30 years that can be used to support women in taking their place of leadership in this new world emerging. Exploring and opening to our inner life through Mindfulness and self-awareness practice is the intention. Knowing ourselves from the inside out is where our power comes from. When we know ourselves into authenticity, we can see through our downed barriers to the phony, fake, charlatans who wish to control how we think, believe and behave. It is time for women to stand up in ways only the feminine know, to lead the world to a place that works for every living creature. And yes the old white men will be angry; it is not easy to give up your privilege to create an equal playing field. As you can hear if you are listening, I am angry too.

So my audience has changed as has my curriculum. I am not going to continue writing this book. Instead, I am going to write a curriculum for younger women, WOMEN UNTETHERED.